Perfect Sense (2003)
01 Intro
02 (The blue Light of) The Moon
03 Childhood
04 Intermezzo No.1
05 Frictions
06 Nothing nothing
07 Rescue me
08 Intermezzo No.2
09 Resolute
10 The Party
11 Inside my Mind
12 Sultans of Swing (Cover)
13 Industrial Disease (Cover)
14 On every Street (Cover)

This record was a tryout. I imprisoned myself in a friend‘s cellar for 30 days straight and wrote an album, simultaneously recording. This was part fun and the rest was hard work. How unforgiving can creativity be when forced! Well, in the end I really came up with eleven songs forming a concept album that focusses mainly on jealousy. Additionally I recorded three cover versions of Songs originally by Dire Straits

The Music is out there