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More videos!

Here come two new small-scale performances in a row:
'Rock Star' and 'The Complexity of Things', both from the album 'The Complexity of Things'. Enjoy. :)

Got another video for you. This time it's 'Seven Hours' from 'A Million Ways To Waste A Summer' which I have not played since EVER!

And some more lockdown material: 'Just the one'. That song was #28 of the 31 songs that I wrote and recorded in one month back in 2014 and it ended up on the album 'The Complexity of Things'.

Seems like my vocal cords are at least partially up and running. So here's the second video. This time: 'Summer'

Hi everyone, To keep you all a bit entertained during lockdown I have started recording some videos. Here's the first one of me playing 'Align'.

Short update on the vocal cords. Throat still hurts but the newly recorded songs sound fantastic!


So i hurt my vocal cords while singing. Could be a little while until I'm allowed to sing again. But things like these happen and will teach me to look after my voice and perhaps also get some decent vocal technique in the future.. ;-)

Because Christmas time is always so quiet and definitely not stressful enough, I have decided to record another advent calender which might result in a spring release. This time will feature songs by great artists such as Elton John, Steely Dan, Alanis Morisette, Paul Simon, and many more. So stay tuned! :)

BIG NEWS: "Adequate Tunes" is here!

The new record is finally available on Jamendo! Please take a listen and leave me a comment. The official release including Bandcamp, iTunes and all other online content providers will be on April 12.
Love, ME

Video Teaser!
The new record will get featured on Jamendo! Stroke the pig to watch the video! :)

They have arrived! Release is on March 29!

Only Twelve Days To Go!

Almost there!

Three days until mastering deadline and I'm still recording sh*t. Super professional as always. BTW: The official release date will be March 29.

Album news!

Deep in the mixing process - I had totally forgotten how tedious making a record was.. anyway, here's a new little teaser for you:

Love, ME

Fantastic news!

Still recording the new album, so here's a short little teaser for you:

Love, ME

Back in the studio!

Just a quick update: I am in the middle of recording the new album, which is coming along wonderfully. Here's a little picture of my guitar setup:


Such a long time without an update? Yeah that does sound like me..
Anyway: On Thursday, June 21 at 6pm, I'll be playing a 45 min set at the Jade Hochschule Summer Jam in Oldenburg! Come one come all, it'll be super and it'll look somewhat like this:

Exceeding Six Million!

Tomorrow everyone will be treated to a glass of sparkling wine, as of today audio streaming has officially exceeded the six million mark. THE SIX MILLION MARK!!! This has gotten slightly ot of hand.. ;-)

Commercial Break: Enno Eschental

A little cross promotion appreciated? A current fun side project named Enno Eschental is airborne today! Have fun listening!

Just a quick update. I have been starting to play small short acoustic sets live in the area and one very nice show was at "Open Stage Bremen" last wednesday. There was video coverage so perhaps some footage will make its way here soon.
Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your sunday, ME

Jamendo TOP10 TWICE!

This is pretty exciting! Somehow "Summer" and "Marina" have both made it to the TOP10 on Jamendo and are successfully defending their places at the moment. Actually, the whole album can be found in the TOP50, which is crazy.

Great News: "Tavis Vor" IS OUT NOW!!!

After a prolonged period of mixing, the new album "Tavis Vor" has finally been released and is ready for sale on iTunes, Bandcamp and other stores as well! Some say it might be the coolest Michael Ellis record so far so have fun listening here!

Another short sneak preview.

In the mix. For all you homesick friends out there.

Back in the studio, Chris is laying down some drum tracks. Deadline is on Monday ;-)


Long time no see but I finally came up with some good news. For somehow unknown reasons "Nothing to see here" has become pretty popular so I decided to make a music video of it. Also: MORE COLOUR!

New Lyrics Video!

I have crated a lyrics video for "Daddy Makes The News". Enjoy and sing(?) along here.


Hey there folks,

some days ago we exceeded ONE MILLION streams on jamendo. "We" means you and me! In order to celebrate these exciting news, I recorded you a little something. It is called "Daddy Makes The News" and contains mostly noise and some rap vocals.. usually way out of my comfort zone ;-)

Thank you all, you guys are the greatest!
Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis - Half a Million (Tell me what it's like)



Merry Christmas everyone! The new album has just been released. Take a listen by just clicking the cover and if you like to, feel free to buy it here.


Ho Ho Ho!

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Moffatt" is D-3 of the Jamendo advent calendar!
Hope you're all having a great time.


500.000 streams on Jamendo, 100.000 downloads...
I am madly in love with all of you, you people are the greatest!

Here is my thanks to you all:
Michael Ellis - Half a Million (Tell me what it's like)

Sit back and listen to last week's interview in the all new press corner (bottom of the page)! More to come of course..
All the best,

Radio station "oldenburg eins" did a 15 minute interview with me airing again tomorrow around 9:15 and 12:15 on 106.5MHz or online here (LIVE SESSION included).
Nice picture also.
some sort of artist on a bench

Once again, Jamendo numbers are sparkling: 400.000 Streams and counting!!!

Last month's interview is now available on demand here. Have fun checking it out!

Tonight at 20:30 UTC+1 (aka 8:30), there's gonna be one whole hour of interview with me and Sesanel at Webradio "Guildwaves" featuring exclusive details on songwriting and even some other stuff! ;-)
So tune in:

Our good friend, the song Rock Star is today's pop music recommendation on Myownmusic. Nice!

Already deep into the mixing. Summer album, here we come!

New Michael Ellis Music Video

The new Michael Ellis Music Video 'Lighthouse' features scenic moonscape as well as cultivated tristesse ;-)
You can watch it here.

Ladies and gentlemen, celebrating 300.000 streams on Jamendo!
Thank you all for listening in, you are so great.

Romantic news, everybody!

The song "Just The One" from the new album is being featured as one of the 14 tracks on this year's
Jamendo Valentines Day Playlist. Also on board are songs by amazing artists like Michael McEachern, Dazie Mae, Julia Haltigan and many more. It is of course an honor to be on the same sampler as you guys, even though it's "only" love songs ;-)
All the best and thank you all for being my fans,
Michael Ellis

Good news for all of you that have been waiting such a long time!
'The Complexity Of Things' is finally there! Please enjoy and let me know how you like it. Just leave a comment in the guestbook.
Merry Christmas, everybody!

The Complexity Of Things Cover

Recorded some tracks in London. The new album is surely going to be worth the wait!
That being said, it'll still be some time..

Last night I added captcha to the guestbook. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope this helps excluding most of the bots from the party.
By the way: Beelzebub Airlines are playing the Freeflow Festival tonight.

Cheers to you all!
Updated the website and added a "gallery" section and some more links. So, a press corner will be available too. And by the way: New Pictures!

2014 begins with 100.000 streams and over 16.000 downloads!! If that isn't a good start, nothing is... You really did wonderful! I say together we will achieve a lot more even - I promise.

By the way, here is the single.

More coming soon including a brand new song!

It's funny how sometimes it all comes at once.. 'Seven Hours' is currently leading the top of the Jamendo Charts together with over 33.000 streamings, massive downloads and airplay within 4 weeks! And the best is: if I hadn't been waiting for the postman that one day, I wouldn't have written the song at all.. born in boredom :D

Lots and lots of thanks to all of you listening in!

Some more great news: 'Seven Hours' was featured in a UK podcast called The Bugcast. It is incredibly cool hearing people speak about you with a British accent ;-)

Yeay, another cool thing happened on Jamendo today: 'Seven Hours' made the All Genres Top 10!!! I honestly have no idea how this could happen but there it is...

You guys wanna know something cool? I am being featured on Jamendo!! Click here to read the full interview!

Currently, every minute I am not spending on programming, I am working on the remix of the first album of my other band "Beelzebub Airlines" (in which I did not participate musically, but soundwise).
It is a really nice jazzrock album by the name of "Airmixed" which never lived up to its full potential because of sound issues and other.. As soon as it passes the mastering stage more information will follow.

Being a pretty persistent offender I am currently working on songs for the new album. As always, there will be slight musical changes and we should all embrace the possibility of multiple persons playing multiple instruments during the recording sessions (i.e. the piano or drum parts, I can't do that too well).
Next stop is the recording of cheapshot tracks consisting only of guitar and vocal for further arrangement and of course prevention of ideas falling into oblivion..
For those who care: although one might call me that now, there will be no old people music!

Right now I am doing a reamastered version of 'A Million Ways To Waste A Summer' introducing a NEW FEATURE to the album: low frequencies! :D
I'll let you know about it after the KEF test.

Well for all of you who haven't noticed yet: this is the new website. Yeah, I know, it looks stunningly similar to the old one and that was the idea of it all. ;-) So make yourself at home and a very warm welcome to you all.

Okay, the 'Million Ways...' album ist too loud either. I really have to improve this which of course means a lot of sleepless nights.. but if the final result sounds better it'll be worth it.

Currently working on the remaster of 'The Miracle' which has been feeling too noisy to me for the last couple of months. I have come to love a more dynamic type of sound, if you'd like to learn more about dynamics, click here.

Greetings to you all!
Currently working on the new website which will look almost completely like the old one (this is more about architecture). But: The new albums will be added and of course free for download.

So this is it. The new Website and the NEW ALBUM!!! You‘ll find the complete download, lyrics as well as artwork under 'audio'.

So, the latest musical changes have been applied and the traditional KEF-check on thursday will hopefully come out positive.. I am pretty optimistic. Plus, I like the new website and there is some killer artwork to the record. Just a few more days!!

Now let‘s see what the new website may look like. Yes, you read right: no more trash wallpapers... No caravans, no ghosts and no trash wallpaper.

The artwork for the new record is finally complete and I really like it! (Of course, I hope some of you will do, too)

The album is currently in the mastering stage and turning out pretty amazing. So it won‘t be long now :-)

Well, not a real video but a little slideshow which not only gives great advice on how far 7 hours get you away from certain people, but also shows the making of so of the album artwork.