Hidden Treasure (2002)
02 Nocturnia
03 Nothing new under the Sun
04 Everything we had
05 Wintertime
06 Her World
07 Das Kenn' ich ja schon (Cover)
08 Generator (Cover)
09 The Mayfly (Cover)
10 Took it away (Cover)
11 My extraordinary Mind (Cover)
12 Alleine (Bonus)
13 American Jesus (Cover)

Wow, this has really been a while! In 2002 I was around eighteen or nineteen and still playing with my old band ‘Poncho‘. I had written a handful of songs that just wouldn‘t fit in a punk rock band so I decided to move to a cellar and take my computer with me. These are the recordings that started it all (nevertheless most of the voices are really a bit out of tune…).

The Music is out there