Fantastic! says the Shark (2021)
01 Rocket Man
02 Says the Shark
03 My Garden
04 Rehash
05 Old Town
06 Fantastic!
07 High
08 The Devon Song
09 Nottingham Man
10 Acrylic
11 Square One
12 Leaving Reno
13 Granny's Kitchen
14 King George (Cover)
15 I.G.Y. (Cover)

It is finally here - we are exhausted but very happy.. With 9 months of becoming this album has been accompanying me for a significant part of my life. Lots of things happened during that period and some found their way into the music. You will find that this compilation of music differs in many ways from my “usual” releases but new ways need exploring. Enjoy and please tell me your thoughts. <3, ME

The Music is out there