The silence around me makes me so thoughtful
So I sing a melody and dedicate it to her
Slowly and slightly the snow keeps on falling
And I am sitting here and I look at this wonderful world

The coldness on the outside
The frostwork and breath
Come on make me feel like I am obsessed
Wintertime is what I like

Snowflakes are all I can see (shake shake)
A christmas carol symphony (shake shake)
No time for fear of destiny

I don't know why but I feel so strong
I could fly up to heaven If you like you can come along
Like a heavenly energy it's in my body
I am raising my voice and I'm singing a song

Never have I realized this addict
But right now the snow falls down on the gound
Coldness can't do any harm to me

Glad and amazed I look outside (shake shake)
The trees and everythin gis white
That fear of destiny is for you
Wintertime has shown me better

The Music is out there