January 5, 2024 by Michael Ellis

Michaels Mondfahrt! Finally!

God, this took some time

This took me a whole year to make. Well, tbh I didn't work on it for some time in the middle but on the whole - wow a lot of time for something, that could have been easily done (actually in the end was done) in a few weeks. Honestly, I underestimated the change that singing in German, my first and native language (well second native, the first one is more ... screaming), would bring to the process. I have found out that - apparently - I like to hide behind my own words. But in this case this wasn't possible. So it took a little time to get used to this situation. This was also the reason for a lot of the dissatisfaction I experienced between the mixes. Every self-producing artist will be able to tell you this is a totally common thing. I have met this demon on every production. You could say it has contributed to every release. But this time, it really took a toll. Well, letting bygones be bygones, the record is finished now and I am quite happy with it. I am super curious about your opinion. Here's to a lot of new music in the future,


PS: No this doesn't mean every song will be in German from now on.

The Music is out there