The wrong Choir
when all that's left of you is shredding lightly as a falter
grab the money you've amassed and take it to the altar
now and then you make a salient pass at the guy upstairs
it's always fun to realise the damage caps the repairs

gather round your next of kin and tell em to forgive you
take for granted every sin be honoured to outlive you
begging for indulgence hoping they accept your credit
in the end it all comes down to whether or not you get it

giddy spoken witty words to everyone's approval
name your favourite tune and make them listen at your funeral
spend a minute sitting in the silence of a heartache
finally the spell is lifted and thank god - there is cake

all of this emotionless and meaningless cleansing
now that i recall i wonder has it been worth spending
do i feel uplifted or elated free of desire
or maybe this ain't heaven and i'm preaching to wrong choir

The Music is out there