Nothing nothing
You tell me you'll be true
I no longer believe in you
There's something in your voice
But I can't tell

Watching every step you do
You're not the one I always knew
I don't think that I have changed myself

What about the girl I knew
That did what noone else would do
High-spirited full of joy
Was this all a lifelong lie

Tell me all that you know
Where you want us two to go
I am giving you a chance
But you say nothing nothing
Let me tell you I'm not blind
And I know what's on your mind
When I look into your eyes
And I see nothing nothing

I am alone inside this life
The coldness cuts me like a knife
Is there a chance to get back what was mine
Without a word you leave the room
The front door will be slamming soon
Once again she goes away without goodbye

The Music is out there