Intermezzo No.1
I am pulled into a black hole
All I take hold of disappears
Lame- I can't move a muscle myself
But somethin gguides me like a puppet

Sailing on an ocean
No water and no notion
Of what this is about
I am falling for
My disequilibrium
Help me out

Loss of control I become a spectator
The theater plays drama and I have to watch
Alone- with nobody around I am alone
Unaware of things yet to come

If this has a meaning
I hope it will become clear in the end
I am forced to say that I don't like the way
This is getting out of hand

I have never been so unwell
Although nothing's looking fell
What is the meaning of this all
Will there ever be an end
To the hole that I descent
Will there ever be ground for me

Fear and angst is the essence
Diabolic names the dance
When the last curtain falls
Can there be a rescue
Can there be a friend
When the setting is so unpleasant

The Music is out there