Inside my Mind
My eyes are closed though I'm awake
But I won't dare to look around
The pain is still inside my mind
My hands are cold I start to shake
I still can hear the sound
The pain is still inside my mind

Today is the day that I hoped would never come
I have tried to suppress this all for long
Today is the day now it's falling back to me
I'm not the man I always used to be

Two years ago they were looking for a girl
That had gone out at night and disappeared
They thought she'd simply run away
Until they found her

With no life inside her eyes open wide
She was nothing but another victim
They said she'd known the person who
But she didn't have a chance
Due to fate the she had left this world behind

Poor girl that's what thes said
Tears come to my eyes

I start to cry
The only thing I can do now
I start to cry
Because I will never go about
I start to cry
Now I know the meaning
I start to cry
Something grows inside my mind

Now it's all completely clear
Diabolic was the dance
The key to history is here
Everything makes perfect sense
They'll never know the truth cause I
Can't resist the will to die
I can't believe what I have done

The Music is out there