Believe me Maybelline
it takes some time to realize
it takes some time to understand the reason why
so many ways we didn't walk
so many words we didn't say

but surely we will find a way
that we can walk maybe go a bit astray
that we can make something out of it
maybe find a home
and maybe lead our lives to water someplace alone

what are you saying maybelline
let's go together cause we're both stuck in between
stuck inside the daily run
stuck in the routine

head on straight let's hit the air
as easy-going as free of care
not as high as icarus but close enough to see
that up here all that matters is just you and me

where are you going maybelline
all the time i thought that you and me were clean
and now it's time to change the gear
lets speed or lives away from here
cause this is not a place to stay

why are you crying maybelline
believe me all the world will be our scene
come on and dream this dream with me
one more time we will be

so easy like a smile
so easy one more time
so easy flying by
come on lets fly

where are you going maybelline
please stay with me right now so we can not be seen
let's fly away the stars are ours
let's burst and turn to dust for now

hey now you're laughing maybelline
you look so beautiful when you have turned green
you will be the princess and i'll wake you up

there are a million ways to waste a summer night
but this one won't be wasted if we turn to light

this single time we'll take the dive
and if its the last this summer we will be alive
unlike the other times before
we're not so anxious anymore
regarding all the chances where we failed to score
everything is counting
when the world has ceased to turn
and now the city walls burn
throw overboard the lessons that we had to learn
take my hand and hold it tight
let's save another summer night
so good to have you maybelline
i know i can be sure you are the one i mean
follow me with all your trust
right into what's calling us

The Music is out there