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See Me When I Shine

pure improvisation
not as good as advertised
ain't what you imagined
and i wouldn't be surprised
have you heard my russian
ever seen me at a game
people come and go
but our strengths will stay the same

put me in cold water
i'll do a little less than fine
but let me tell you baby
you've got to see me when i shine

i am bad of an actor
so i always tell the truth
i always tex the chapter
that's why i don't end up confused
i dug through all of the medicine
until i got to dsp
and finally i knew
how motherf###ing cool i'd be

tossed into the unknown
you will only see me tryin
but let me tell you baby
you've go to see me when i shine

when you read them to me
all the stories you create
without any effort
i could ask you on a date
all you put into that
i admire your concern
sometimes when i'm drifting
i get lost between the words

asking you to count them
would be completely out of line
cause let me tell you baby
gotta have seen you when you shine