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Fairytale Syndrome

moonlit the night as she lay on the side
of her bed not sleeping
clang round her pillow as fast as she could
she was softly weeping

the clock turned from two to three
noone had come to see
no knight from a noble house
would be her spouse

out in the greens of the forest it seemed
not a move was rendered
one thing she hated to be bound to wait
just because of her gender

the clock turned from three to four
and still no knock on the door
it was just like every night
and still he might show up this time

then she got up grabbed the boombox and left
but a note on the table
i won't wait for chance gonna get me a prince
make a good end to this fable

the clock turned from four to five
she was gonna be a wife
but not to the bloody first
douchebag that came through her window

the clock turned from five to six
the neighborhood princes are pricks
no lady should wait to be abducted
i'm not a bimbo

that's just fairytale syndrome