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2005 - I Would Have Given So Much More (2006)

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1. Lose The Timedownload| lyrics
2. Overture 2005download
3. 797download| lyrics
4. One Kissdownload| lyrics
5. Into Medownload| lyrics
6. Blindsideddownload| lyrics
7. The Last Days Of Summerdownload| lyrics
8. Friend Or Enemydownload| lyrics
9. Breakdownload
10. Center Raydownload| lyrics
11. So Much Moredownload| lyrics
12. On The Roofsdownload| lyrics
13. Silent Night Affairsdownload| lyrics
14. The Hope That Wouldn't Diedownload| lyrics
15. Leavingdownload| lyrics
16. Crazy Nowdownload| lyrics
17. Luck And Bad Luckdownload| lyrics
18. Lose The Time Reprisedownload| lyrics

It all begins in August or September 2004. A broken love story or just an illusion. No further words to say about this one. All of the songs were written the time they ‘play‘, so this is more a documentary than just a story, but find it out for yourself.