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Very Good Album (2015)        

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1. LAdownload| lyrics
2. Oddsdownload| lyrics
3. Hasselhoff Saved The Daydownload| lyrics
4. The Wee Spotdownload| lyrics
5. The Wrong Choirdownload| lyrics
6. Light-Headeddownload| lyrics
7. Car On A Traindownload| lyrics
8. Do You Wonderdownload| lyrics
9. French Kisses And Cat Hairdownload| lyrics
10. Angel In Controldownload| lyrics
11. Lakelanddownload| lyrics
12. Nerd To The Pretty Girldownload| lyrics
13. All That Mattersdownload| lyrics
14. Half A Million (Bonus)download| lyrics

Here it is: the second half of the month-long song writing session! A lot of pop and 70s/80s style songs mixed with a pinch of folk and lots of sarcasm. Have fun listening and don't be afraid to crank it up.. Guess I never had as much fun recording a song as I had when doing "Hasselhoff saved the day"..