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The Complexity Of Things (2014)        

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1. Merry Christmas, Mr Moffattdownload| lyrics
2. Aligndownload| lyrics
3. Rock Stardownload| lyrics
4. Lighthousedownload| lyrics
5. Fairytale Syndromedownload| lyrics
6. Deep Downdownload| lyrics
7. Easy On The Radiodownload| lyrics
8. Bruisesdownload| lyrics
9. The Complexity Of Thingsdownload| lyrics
10. Dusty Boots And Flashy Rustdownload| lyrics
11. Long Enoughdownload| lyrics
12. See Me When I Shinedownload| lyrics
13. Just The Onedownload| lyrics
14. Nothing To See Heredownload| lyrics
15. Everdownload| lyrics

Ah, the new one.. I wrote and recorded Complexity in 15 days, one song every day. The whole thing was meant to be an experiment and the songs turned out to be very different from each other. It were days of high energy and I'll absolutely have to try this again..