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The Miracle (2011)        

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1. Seriously Biliousdownload| lyrics
2. Came A Miracledownload| lyrics
3. Flying Flowersdownload| lyrics
4. Caravans And Ghostsdownload| lyrics
5. Little Anydownload| lyrics
6. Bubblesdownload| lyrics
7. Never Let It Godownload| lyrics
8. Burn Baby Burndownload| lyrics
9. Saturdaysdownload| lyrics
10. Raindownload| lyrics
11. Make A Wishdownload| lyrics
12. Tainteddownload| lyrics
13. Long Good Nightdownload| lyrics

This record contains a mixture of older and brand new songs. Older songs, because the making took almost 4 years of writing and dismissing with many songs and themes going to waste. In the end I think it was worth it but find it out yourself. Pretty sarcastic also...