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Hidden Treasure (2002)

all music under CC-BY-NC-SA

1. KIOATIA| lyrics
2. Nocturnia| lyrics
3. Nothing New Under The Sun| lyrics
4. Everything We Had| lyrics
5. Wintertime| lyrics
6. Her World| lyrics

1. Das Kenn' Ich Ja Schon
2. Generator
3. The Mayfly
4. Took It Away
5. My Extraordinary Mind
6. Alleine
7. American Jesus

Wow, this has really been a while! In 2002 I was around eighteen or nineteen and still playing with my old band ‘Poncho‘. I had written a handful of songs that just wouldn‘t fit in a punk rock band so I decided to move to a cellar and take my computer with me. These are the recordings that started it all (nevertheless most of the voices are really a bit out of tune...).