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Michael Ellis Sings Element Of Crime Sings Unnecessary Music (2010)

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all music under CC-BY-NC-SA

1. Schön Ist Es Auf Der Welt Zu Seindownload
2. Meine Oma Fährt Im Hühnerstall Motorraddownload
3. Verliebte Fischerdownload
4. Love Boatdownload
5. Warum Bin Ich So Fröhlich?download
6. Katzeklodownload

Just a fun thing. My best friend used to torture me with a record that contained cover songs performed by the band ‘Element of Crime‘ which she used to play on endless repeat. The thing was, that the songs did not match the original mood of the band in any kind so I thought it might be funny to cover some songs myself, imitating the grumpiest band I know playing songs they NEVER would have touched themselves... ;-)