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A Million Ways To Waste A Summer (2007)        

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1. Summer Preludedownload
2. Seven Hoursdownload| lyrics
3. Blame It On The Butterfliesdownload| lyrics
4. LN Callsdownload| lyrics
5. A Lady's Lullabydownload
6. Downdownload| lyrics
7. Amberdownload| lyrics
8. Trendstrandeddownload| lyrics
9. Two Sidesdownload| lyrics
10. Something Youdownload| lyrics
11. Within A Groovedownload
12. Believe Me Maybellinedownload| lyrics

This record consists of fun songs, thoughtful and of course rock tunes. It also features three instrumentals and I really like it. Most of the songs have a special meaning to me (especially 'Amber' and 'Believe Me Maybelline') and of course all of the other songs relate to something in my life, too.