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Crazy Now

heaven knows you are beautiful
and I know I am dead
he knows you are with him now
and that's so much he said
with a tender look he follows you
everywhere you may go
he has finally found a meaning in this
nothing more to know

how you drive him crazy now

days can pass and take us along
we never know where
sometimes our feelings change
you never know why
autumn leaves are falling
cold and confused
it will surely kill him
but he needs to know the truth

how you drove him crazy then
you used to drive him crazy then

and as the sadness grows inside of him
and as he tries fighting back the tears

the world goes down
but he still stands
he won't be gone before the bitter end
the world goes down
with nothing left to say
maybe he will get back up one day
the world goes down
he's paralyzed by
the wounds he's carrying deep inside
the world goes down
left alone
with questions

although for me it doesn't mean a thing