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Silent Night Affairs

they're falling in love
like it's no big deal
like a walk in the park or else
they're taking the step
like a story the paper tells
and like a raven i am waving my wings
they are saving me from the fall
and for one moment in time
i wish that you were mine
for one moment in time
i close my eyes to cry

because there is nothing i can give to you
nothing that you need
do you know what you can get
from planting just one seed
everything comes to you
and you've got it all right there
i see the life outside meaning i stare
it's all inside the silent night affairs

so there's nothing i could give to you? (oh - i am out)
so there's nothing that you want from me? (either way i can't deny)
it's okay if you're sure (it seems like it works for you)
so now there's nothing more to do but stare

at all the little silent night affairs