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you can't remember
you were not there
i don't know when it was
maybe never maybe not
it doesn't matter
as long as i can still see it
and the shivers
that i don't want to miss

and then the feeling
you won't imagine
noone knew where it came from
but all at once it was there
and it was perfect
and there we were
just you and me
and the sound of the waves

we're not in the season
but i fall for a reason
i can't help but i won't stop
going down the line
you will need to listen
cause you don't know who i am
that's too bad so you better
try to understand

you were lying in my arms
like for the first time
light shining from your eyes
right into mine
near the beach we watched the sun rise
just you and me
and the sound of the waves

we're on the edge tonight
where are we going
how deep are we faling
if we go straight
we are tied together
we are drawn
we are blindsided
we are taken by force

i guess that's all

i wanna burst into a million pieces
to never see your face again
i don't wanna die
i wanna be alive
so now i cry it out aloud
i put it the way i'm feeling this
deep in my heart
i'll never be one
again i lose another day
to live in emptyness and stay
forever unloved
forever unplayed
i can't regather anymore
can't figure out what this was for
and so i break