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Adequate Tunes (2019)

all music under CC-BY-NC-SA

1. Intro: Surrender to Protocol
2. Man in the Window| lyrics
3. A Sock in England| lyrics
4. Just like her| lyrics
5. Revolution| lyrics
6. Selena don't work out| lyrics
7. As we're singing Love| lyrics
8. Selfie| lyrics
9. Changed her Mind again| lyrics
10. Break the Rain| lyrics
11. Love Bites| lyrics
12. LN calls again| lyrics
13. The Weather| lyrics
14. Unicorn| lyrics
15. The other World| lyrics

This record was released on March 29, the original date of Brexit AND MAN! - Making this record took longer than expected but the result is well worth listening. I had lots of fun with the noisy parts but the saxophone and brass really take the cake. Listen to it for free on!